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Cleanup day

This has been an interesting/productive Saturday. It started quite early, at about 8AM, some time after Nadezhda left for a course she is taking. I woke up decided to fix at least a simple bug in xosview. I adopted this package as it is a good excuse to get me to learn C++, on which I really suck. I am happy. This bug, although simple, was already over three years old, and I had seen it reported both in Debian and on the upstream Sourceforge site. And although xosview is not half as popular as it once was, DSL connections are quite commonplace - not having a way to correctly deal with them was a serious drawback on the package. On the personal side, I finally decided to cut my hair - Last haircut, IIRC, was a couple of weeks before Debconf, in May. Five months have passed, and well… I cannot find a decent, recent photograph, but I feel I really looked like a caveman. Right now, I (think I) look much better - My beard is 0.7cm long, my moustache (sp?) a bit shorter, my hair 1cm. Man, forget about the looks - It is really more comfortable. My moustache was long enough to get into my drinks 90% of the times, so each sip of ${liquid} was invariably followed by me sucking my moustache. Yuck. …And, going on with this maintenance day, I moved some plants I have on the roof, as my neighbors complained that the wall adjacent to our house was full of humidity… Not an easy task, as each of them was over 50kg (and, being so wet, the clay was too easy to break - one of them snapped in my hands, lucky me I jumped back quickly, as I was barefoot). And… Well, now I think I will go work a bit at my garden, as it is a terrible mess :-)