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My whole country feels depressive

I have been feeling like this for quite some weeks already… I am (or should I say, should be?) involved in many projects. What should I be doing? Basically, what we Mexicans call talacha - simple but repetitive work. Which, for a person like me, becomes something tedious. For my previous workplace, UPN (where I am now hired part-time to maintain some systems I wrote and do simple ones), this means fixing some bugs for Historia del Presente’s site and finishing an attendance registration program for the Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas. My progress? Almost nothing, and very slow. I am working on the second phase of a project I did with some friends last year. The client asked us for some extra features… Well, we have been trying to work on this for at least a full month, and I still see no real advance (excuse me if I am overlooking the work of any of you guys). I was talking with P4ola yesterday, and we agreed that every one of us working on this is deeply depressed. Now, on my Free Software front: MiG and I really need to work on Comas. There are a load of features we need to add, and details we need to polish, before marking a public release. Yes, CONSOL is using Comas, but I have given my word of adding some needed things for Debconf. And… Well, last commit was about two weeks ago, we have been sitting on our asses. At least we will work on analyzing how to incorporate what we need tomorrow afternoon. And about Debian? Well, I have been doing simple stuff. I have helped a bit clean up pkg-perl, adopted three packages I had waiting, uploaded a couple of fixes… But I still have not taken a look at some simple bugs on my other packages. …And about life outside of my job: Nadezhda and I seem to live in harmony: Both of us are depressed. She is doing much better than me, she has been working like hell with some frustrating clients, staying up late almost every day… But the air feels depressing. We have not done practically any cleanup at home for over a week, we have basically nothing in the kitchen, we are really in need to go to the store to buy some stuff… At least there is one motivator that will force us today: We just ran out of cat food, and that is something we cannot ignore. So we will surely go today to spend some money. I am confident that as soon as I get formally hired at IIEC-UNAM (scheduled to happen in around two weeks time) things will start to improve… but right now, I am perhaps in the least active/productive moment of my life.


imcsk8 2004-10-13 10:27:29

RE: My whole country feels depressive

i’ve been there gunnar, it sucks, but at the end everything will be allright. keep the head up!! :-D