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Well, I am pissed to inform you all that two projects that had me quite happy have gone astray. About the work I got for ~6 weeks for people related to Telmex: Telmex is not directly hiring anymore, they only hire via Manpower. The bastards at Manpower asked me for so many stupid papers that it would have taken me a full week of bureaucracy to satisfy them, then some extra days to wait for the final approval… So I would only have this job for, say, two weeks of November (one of which I won’t be available for and December (half of which is vacations and nobody would be there to work with)… So I decided not to take it. Goodbye, money. Then, Roberto notified me that the people in Tijuana I was supposed to work with next week were having some internal restructurization (does that word exist), so my job there is in the limbo… I hope it gets solved before I start working at IIEc/UNAM, starting on January, or I’ll have to kiss goodbye another nice bunch of money which I really need right now :-/ But life is good: At least I now have a definitive yes for IIEc and a start date. I am happy.

Simon Law was complaining about the plumbing at his toilet… This made me remember I still have to get someone to install the tiles we purchased for my house, about 70 meters of tiles will be replaced (50 year old tiles look really sorry by now). Our new tiles have been sitting at the kitchen (which is fortunately large enough) for over one month, so I have grown used to them…

Wow… The Debian QA team has been quite busy! This week they found close to 100 packages whose maintainer was MIA - Among them, many Perl modules. Being I part of the pkg-perl group, I am looking into some 15 of them… Expect me to adopt at least five, probably more.

My friend David from the CabrasLocas UPN team wrote a blog entry about Guido van Robot, a Pythonesque version of the great Karel the Robot I learnt programming basics with in a C64 about 18 years ago… Sweet! :-D He started a translation of GvR (language, interface and documentation) to Spanish. I really suck at Python, although I have to admit it is quite a nice language, so I am not volunteering. Would someone be interested in packaging it? It would make a good addition to Debian-Jr!