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Driving woes

About six months ago, I got my first car: A very nice Fiat Palio Adventure. The day we finally got it, 13 Km away from the store, it broke - We had to wait for over three weeks to get it. But anyway, that’s old history - By now I have gotten used to having wheels, it is much easier to move around the city (and fortunately I still have access to the public transport system, which in Mexico is still much better than driving for many areas of the city), and we have started playing with hitting the road at weekends. Good, joy, happiness. One week ago, Héctor told me he was driving in Periférico (a freeway, I am sure he was at least at 100Km/h) near Cuemanco, when the car had some jerks and died, and he could only start it around 15 minutes later. He is quite a good mechanic, and I always believe him… But we didn’t have any problem, so we thought it would be just a hiccup. Joy, we could go out this weekend. Ajusco? Milpa Alta? Nadezhda and I were in Periferico, and… Well, same story - Only that I am not quite a confident driver under strange situations. Well, we managed to pull aside, and 15 minutes later started the car again. The car is now in the store again (although there were no mechanics at Automotores Insurgentes, they will only start looking at it by tomorrow). I fear I will get the same treatment I got the first time - Although they have come to know who I am (after filing a PROFECO complaint, yelling at them with customers present for being so irresponsive and such)… Anyway… I know this might not be interesting… It is just that I am quite frustrated. The car is very nice, but it does not seem to be very solid. And I am not planning on changing it at least for five/ten years, so… They’d better fix it well, or… or… or… Hmmm…

Today was a good day. We had lunch with Nadezhda’s brother, Adrián. We bought two kilos of carnitas, and that kept us stuffed for the day. Came back home at arond 4PM, left for the supermarket only to find out we left the keys inside - That deserved a visit to the family, fortunately they had a copy. Some time with the kids, back home, and back to work. After some four hours today (and a long time, too much given the problem’s complexity) I am finally through with the system for the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad. I also re-discovered my dear project ProtoWrap, which in its day costed me a whole deal of research and work… and had been dormant for the last couple of years. I don’t know, I might just revive it - At least, I found a nice (although very specific) task for which it solved my needs, easily and transparently adding SASL to a mail server I don’t really want to fiddle too much with.