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The most transparent region

In 1917, Alfonso Reyes (more info in Spanish) started his most known poem, Visión de Anáhuac (WTF… Cannot find a single online copy of the poem?!) with the following words: Viajero: has llegado a la región más transparente del aire (Traveller: You have arrived to the most transparent region of the air). This poem, of course, refered to the breathtaking view of the Anáhuac Valley, on which Mexico City grew. Yesterday I went with Nadezhda to my father’s house in Cuernavaca. This morning, as we came back (it feels quite strange to be on the road January 1st, 8AM :) ), we felt Mexico City was more polluted than normal. Much more. More even than in the worst 1989 days. We got home - It smelt like burnt wood or something like that. Nadezhda was scared, went quickly to check if the house was still complete - Fortunately, it was. But it turns out that so many people had firecrackers and lit bonfires to greet the new year that even the air inside my house was foggy. Yes, we had quite an obvious thermal inversion, as from the Southern hills the view of the Eastern and Northern hills was quite decent… But this was way over the line! People, specially Mexicans, specially chilangos: Please, be more conscious! This was quite a frightening sight!


damog 2005-01-01 16:58:27

RE: The most transparent region

sí, qué mamada… me cagan los cuetes por eso