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Bursts of joy, bursts of sorrow

Ok, so the word is out: Telmex is upgrading the DSL lines! This would mean I am about to get 1Mbps instead of the current 512Kbps I get at home - But it means I’ll save some money, as I will downgrade to the new entry-level 512K. I don’t need more at home. Ok, this should make me quite happy - Right now, it is making me miserable. I am in the middle of a large download, and Telmex is playing with the circuits… So I get a nice 52KBps burst that lasts for a minute or two, then it stalls completely. Ok, interrupt wget and launch it again, now it is at 102KBps - Good! Yes, but after a minute or so it breaks again… Then I get only 27KBps… Well, up to now, I have downloaded 100MB. This is quite annoying, I cannot just stand up and make it do its job… I could make a simple script checking whether the file has increased in size in the last 10 seconds… If it continues to be this flaky, I’ll do it :-/


vicm3 2005-05-07 18:29:15

RE: Bursts of joy, bursts of sorrow

Jejejejej Two words… use wget :P… or ncftp :) I also have been thinking on donwgrade to 512… but who knows… as you must remember Im hungry for bandwidth and when had 512 sometimes it was better on home than on work !T1x3! now whit 1mbit… well… let’s see… how good it gets.