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...So there is a God?

That’d be the most plausible option… I could not explain it otherwise. There seems to be justice in this world. About two weeks ago, I broke my piggy-bank and, in one of the purest and most selfless acts I have ever had, bought an iMac for Nadezhda. She is, of course, delighted - and I’d have considered it as enough payment. This weekend, I got my father’s birthday present - Well, he’s not in Mexico right now, but he left me clear indications to get it: A very nice Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S80 camera. Yup guys, that means I will not have to beg to copy your pictures anymore ;-) But, as if that were not enough, at work I also got new toys: A gorgeous Dell PowerEdge 2800. 2 Xeon CPUs at 3.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 4x70GB SCSI HD (hardware RAID 5, of course). Oh, by the way, it is a server system, but it came with a beautiful 17” flat panel - which will come straight to my desk ;-) Ok… so I must get moving, giving something back to the world, in order to ensure this streak of the world giving something to me does not come to an abrupt halt ;-)


Gunnar 2005-05-11 09:12:46

Seamos recíprocos :)

Lo que guste[sn] tomar de acá, con mucho gusto :-}

Gunnar 2005-05-11 09:20:16

RE: …So there is a God?

Yup, God (or the karma laws, or ${SUPERNATURAL_STUFF}) can be quite annoying sometimes… This was just a good week in the hardware department. I am in the same situation: Don’t know what to do about the money. I get lots more than I did some months ago, but I am still stuck with the bare minimum to survive :-/

Mauricio 2005-05-09 14:40:47

RE: …So there is a God?

Móchate!! ;-)

sonny_taz 2005-05-09 18:45:37

RE: …So there is a God?


Yo encantada de seguir compartiendo mis fotos contigo, aún y cuando ya tengas nuevo juguete (= jojojoj

Saludos !!!

vicm3 2005-05-09 18:38:15

RE: …So there is a God?

If there is… one… well is not looking in this direction or i must have bad karma… as for… my money vaporizes… as son as i get, got stuck as technical support for "is a 1 or l", "where is the any key" (well you get the idea)… and got an Oracle to administer… for which I need 3GB more of RAM, and IT says "not until next year"… well.. I had a bad day… ;) enjoy the Xeon X2.