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Good, things run smooth!

It has been basically two days I am not stuck in the reception, and that things seem to basically run smooth. I still owe Andreas some pieces of Comas functionality (which I hope will be ready by tomorrow), but it’s been quite nice. I have even started doing some Debian-related job, adopting three packages I had pending, stomping on some bugs (although there was already a bug-squishing party yesterday night, which involved tequila, vodka, chapulines and some other stuff I don’t remember the names for - I think a good proportion of my chapulines were happily squished by Debconf drunk but productive attendees). My wife came to Finland! She arrived two nights ago, I went to pick her up at the airport, and from there went to our good friend Ville’s appartment. where she will be staying. One bottle of vodka later, we all slept like babies. Three hours later, I was on my way back to HUT to deliver my and Christian’s BoF on Debian and Free Software in Latin America - Which turned out quite nicely. In fact, so nice that I have been bugging Herman and Tore waiting for the video to be published, as it can be interesting to my friends back home. Yesterday evening I also met with them for some Finnish sig htseeing and for a delicious and not too expensive dinner at a traditional Finnish place called “Sea Horse”. I really rec ommend it - If you want directions on how to get there, approach me with a map in your hand, and I’ll show you. Today they came and HUT and brought over all the remaining T-shirts - I can now announce to you all: I have all the shirt s I will have during Debconf. Want them? Come! First come first serve! This advertisement has been brought to you by Iden tidad Colectiva, making money for a geek family since 2004. About the evening, since they left? A nice hacking evening. The most productive (Debian-wise, not Comas-wise) since I got here.