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Quite different, indeed

How has this Debconf been to me? Quite different than what I expected. Having the responsability to have the information ordered and ready for everything to happen, managing the database up and down, has become a very time-intensive task. I actually managed to take a day off with Danny, Amaya, Alberto and Jeroen to visit Talinn (Estonia), and it made quite a good difference - without that vacation I’d be burnt out already. This trip was quite bloggable - Yesterday I had written a long entry about it, but a fucking mouse gesture erased it from Firefox… I just managed to scream at the machine, get angry, and… Go on working ;-) We have been very busy at the reception. We are more doing this task than what I expected, and even though I feel I’m working my ass off, it is just too evident I have a shorter battery life than many others - I have been working on this +- from 10AM to 9PM, and after that, I just fall apart in many little pieces… Fabian, Aschwin, Andreas and Martin (at the reception, plus many others doing other work) just keep on working, and the volunteers we have had working here are just amazing, going on for countless hours afterwards. Anyway, guess I’m still a Mexican, and I cannot run away from my heritage :) Anyway… Yesterday we processed around 40 newcomers. Today, we expect about 80 - I’m stressed just at the thought :) However, yesterday the whole day was hectic, and today (even after giving my Debian Day talk) I am actually quite relaxed. Life’s good. …I intended to start hacking on some bugs I have with my packages and on preparing some new packages I have pending for upload (specially taking advantage to the fact that we have an FTP bending over)… I hope that by Monday/Tuesday that we get most people here I’ll be able to disappear towards the Hacklab to do some Debian work.