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...So I did it

So it seems I cannot uphold my word - Well, yes, it was because of the trouble it would represent to the fine Moquegua guys - But anyway, I ended up accepting the invitation practically at the last minute, and went to Moquegua, Perú, probably for my life’s most tiresome journey. Saturday, after lunch, we headed for the airport. I left Mexico at 17:30, and arrived five hours later in the Lima airport. Thanks to Antonio, José and Laura, who picked me up at 23:30 and arranged me a room in a hotel. I met the DebianPeru crowd, a very nice group, Sunday morning - We had breakfast, chatted for a while, and went for Lima’s famous ceviche (assorted seafood cooked in cold in lemon. VERY good). At 3:45PM, I took the bus to Moquegua… For 17 long hours. Got to Moquegua at ~8AM, went to the José Carlos Mariátegui University. I met the other guest speakers for breakfast, went with them to meet the Univerity Rector, hooked up some minutes to the net, went to a typical Moqueguan restaurant, gave my talk… Then hurried up to get the bus back to Lima. We got there five minutes before it left. I don’t know why or how, but the bus back took 14 instead of 17 hours - I will not complain ;-) Back in Lima, Carlos met me at the bus station, we went for breakfast, and hurried to the airport. I crossed the gate at 12PM, hurried by the airline personnel (and didn’t manage to see Rudy/Stone_Head, who was on his way there)… Just to find the plane was delayed, although by little. Sat down for a while, hacked for a bit, and took the plane back home. Summing it all up, I traveled roughly 40 hours, out of the 72 hours I was out of Mexico. Of course, you could add 1hr travelling to the airport and 1:30 back home… Anyway, 40/72 is quite close to 42/74 :) I am tired. Plain tired. I am just waiting for Nadezhda to get home, as I want her to find me alive, and I’ll crash down in bed.