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...So we did it!

Note: When reading this entry, please set your date to 2005-11-10. Delays in the system prevented me from posting this earlier. I have lived together with Nadezhda for almost ten years - And this month (on November 1st, to be precise), it is ten years we first met on one of the few BBSes we had in Mexico by then - Thanks a lot, Mag, for setting it up - you changed my life in more ways I’d ever have thought! Over the time, of course, our relation has changed a lot - the first step was telling to other people about each other’s existence. The second was accepting we were not together only in between (long story… But I was about to leave the country for good. And I did. But then she followed. And we came back together). Then, little by little, we started settling down, we became a formal couple in the eyes of our families and friends. We always thought social conventions were silly. We laughed about the prospect of marriage, of having to accept in front of others what we felt towards each other - But anyway, some months ago, we started talking it would be nice to make out of our nice, private relationship something serious and formal to commemorate our ten year anniversary. Not much was told about it for some months… Until by mid-October we realized we would not make it in time if we didn’t hurry - So we went to the Registro Civil at Coyoacán and asked for an appointment with the judge. November 1st is an official holiday, so it was not possible to make it right on the same date - We got the appointment for November 9. Some people might be asking here why weren’t they told about this - Well, first of all, as you can see, we didn’t have much time to plan this. Second, we decided to take this formal step, but to have it privately. We went only with my father, my brother, Nadezhda’s mother, sisters, our nephews and one long-time friend. We were summoned at 10:30AM, had to wait for the judge to marry some other couples until around 12:00PM, had some nice words from him for ~15 minutes, and went for a nice breakfast in a nearby restaurant with the whole gang. Oh! Something interesting: We actually didn’t know when we were formally getting married. We were called some 30 minutes before the official words to sign some papers, which the judge would later, and privately, certify as valid. The judge just talks, he does not sign anything with us present… But, well, it is a nice moment ;-) And… Well, here is the proof. It took some days to receive the document, it took me some more days to finally post about it - But finally, our acquintances have been informed of our formal step towards a life together :)


Aigars Mahinovs 2005-11-20 12:24:25

RE: …So we did it!

Congratulations! You had it coming :D

Gunnar 2005-11-21 07:41:13

As you can see…

We are not much of party animals. But, hey, we will have the whole gang here :)

Kevin Mark 2005-11-20 14:33:03

RE: …So we did it!

Congrats on your ‘official’ marriage! Is that why you wanted to have debconf in Mexico? x-) So you could celebrate with all of Debian! I’m sure folks will! pax vobiscum. Kev

markuz 2005-11-20 14:38:40

RE: …So we did it!

Congratulations :-D.

Mauricio 2005-11-20 21:20:58

RE: …So we did it!

Enhorabuena! Un abrazo y muchas felicidades!! :)

Pascalin 2005-11-23 11:17:57

RE: …So we did it!

¡Muchas, pero muchas muchas felicidades por una década juntos!

rodrigo 2005-11-21 09:20:25

RE: …So we did it!


Si bien yo tampoco soy muy amigo de seguir las convenciones, creo que los símbolos y los ritos son muy importantes. En este caso, no es tanto él que lo digan ante los demás. El hecho de que hayan ustedes decidido decirse eso uno al otro es, me parece, muy importante.

Y, claro, que lo compartan con los cuates es buen chisme :-)

Felicidades, besos y abrazos a los dos.

rodrigo 2005-11-21 09:24:15

RE: …So we did it!

¡Agggh! Algo está mal configurado en este lugar. Los campos <meta> en la página dicen que viene en UTF-8. Pero tu aviso de copyright abajo viene en latin1. Y tu sw por lo visto los espera en latin1, por que el mio se hizo chiringolitos.