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This side of the ocean

Well, after three non-posting weeks, this is my third blog post today! :) Martin: Please remember that not everything is lost on this side of the ocean - Probably, yes, this side of the ocean, this side of the Great Lakes, and that side of the Río Bravo. One of the few things I often cite that still make me very proud of my country is the complete (although slowly, slowly declining, but still quite complete) separation between church and state. In ~130 years, no president or important public figure has publicly stated they even had a religion - Of course, the current ruling party, PAN, is very catholic-oriented, and our current president has attended mass, got and worn crucifixes and similar stuff… But at least, every time he (or a senior figure of the government) does that, there is loud criticism. And I do hope that PAN’s stay in power does not last more than 6 years. We deserve better. And we have elections in a couple of months, whee.