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Re: Tabs

Matt: Please don’t forget you are talking about the language with the “there should be only one way to do it” motto, where you have to “program the way Guido indented it”. I also feel much more at home where I can play with the way my program works and looks like. I like whitespace to be irrelevant - Yes, Python is a nice beast alltogether, but you cannot expect much space for personal preferences once you understand how it was designed. And yes, as a Perl guy I often hate the style some of the modules I maintain are written in, but then again… It’s the most comfortable style for the main upstream author, the person who will do most work with the beast! …But anyway… Emacs knows best. I just press tab and it works magically, either becoming a set of spaces or becoming a proper tab. And as long as other people understand what I wrote (which can become messy if some lines have supposedly eight-spaces-tabs and some are made up just of eight spaces), and specially the compiler doesn’t barf at me, I’m OK with it. Using a decent editor helps you a lot when writing Python, YAML or such things..


Gunnar 2006-01-06 06:35:25

Python motto

You are right - Python is great when it comes to introspection, and it’s damn useful! Now that for that, I’d refer to Ruby :)