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Ok, the time has come: Now I work with my 20” fan on. Lucky me, my office has no windows, it’s in the middle of the building - A bit cold in the Winter, but that’s OK with me… But the people with real windows have been sweating for some weeks already. Well, design details of a 50 year old building which cannot be moved :) Anyway… For people coming to Debconf: Be prepared for hot weather. April-May is Central Mexico’s hottest season. For Mexico City, it means we have reached 30 Celsius, and will probably reach them again a couple of times (this week’s forecast says we will be under 28, which is good news)… But for the Oaxtepec region (the closest cities are Cuautla and Yautepec) we are reaching 33-35 Celsius every day. By May, we will have the first scheduled rains (although this has been a rainy Spring, but still, it’s formally the dry season), so I hope it will not be that bad… But be prepared to sweat.