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Mr. Fox should have abolished the Congress five years ago

…If that is what it would have taken for his mediocre term to be positive for our nation. Today he says that it’s because of the congress that he could not solve the conflict in Chiapas (a deed he promised in his campaign that would take not more than 15 minutes). The congress didn’t vote the correct laws to solve the conflict, it seems. Of course, the promised 15 minutes seemed not to be the time it would take for him to mediate, negotiate and agree with the unhappy indigenous population, but just to sign the needed paper. The Congress did not send the right law, it seems… Strange, I would say, as the Law for Indigenous Rights and Culture that was approved was approved by PRI, PAN and PVEM almost five years ago. That law, instead of fixing the problems requested by EZLN and many other groups, ignored the proposed beginnings of a solution. It was voted by PAN (Fox’s party), PRI (the historical dominant party, now shrinking every day more) and PVEM (so called ecologist party). Of course, had Fox wanted to solve the problem, it would have taken him over 15 minutes to read the proposed law - but he would have been able to ask his party not to vote for it.