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Debcamp was really stressing - It seemed we would not be able to get things to work for Debconf. And it would suck. I was quite down when I last wrote a blog entry - Not in mine, but in Debconf’s. Things looked quite hellish, and I was very annoyed - Well, I must say: Thanks to you all for the support. Mooch’s request has been honored extensively, and it does help. Really. Yesterday we had the Debian Day. About 50 Mexicans showed up, after we had to jump through some hoops with the Oaxtepec management people (thank you, thank you, you are great! Real dedication to your job, to make us feel welcome and important). The talks were interesting and well presented, and the people left happy - and some of them, left quite late. We had presence from at least one national newspaper (La Jornada and a magazine, Software Guru. Good. Then, during the night, we were flooded by arriving foreigners. Boy, the hacklab was packed! Good thing we now will have both hacklabs running. I have to thank most than to anybody else to my wife, Gaby a.k.a. Nadezhda - She has done all the ugly paperwork… Without her, we would all not be here. And later, I would probably be sitting in jail or something ;-) Seems that the bugs are ironed out. Now I’ll try to attend the “Sun and Debian: can we be friends?” round table.