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I have been hugged

Debian is love.

After my scream for help a couple of days ago, and after a mountain of hard work, things are just running. No, we are not -by far- free of incidents, and it would be foolish to expect it to be so, but we are working nicely. And by the way, thank you, I have been receiving the largest amount of hugs ever, and believe me, each of them has been important.

We are not over yet. At least two more days of work, and onem more day of taking all the shop back home, and that only means that the next step in the round will start: Handing back all the lent equipment, doing the travel reimbursements, closing all of our accounting stuff… And, of course, get the ball rolling towards Debconf 7.

So… Well, six days into Debconf, I am currently sitting in the third talk I have opportunity to attend (of course, I have missed most of the ones I was interested in - Video team, I trust you to make a brilliant end product ;-) ), Nadezhda is printing 150 beautiful new T-shirts Pixelgirl designed a couple of days ago, and… Trust me, I still have a stressed face - but I am finally enjoying every minute of this fscking mess we decided to put up.

Thank you all, folks. I am in Cristoph Berg’s talk about reworking NM - And this comes very good to wrap up my post. Debian is much, much more than technical work. It is a social club. I love this social club. Just sitting here makes long months of work really worth it.

A great hug back to you all!