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Biting your tongue

Sorry, this post will only mean anything to you if you can grok an es_* locale, preferrably an es_ES one. B3co points to a wonderful site, which I came accross sadly when I am about to start working. Still, lots of good laughs taken from mistakes in the Spanish press. The site? Morderse la Lengua (Biting your tongue), from Centro Virtual Cervantes. I found such beauties as the world’s largest telescope, which can see object 100 meters away, a Boeing that goes back to Madrid through a crack, a Spanish airplane crashing in Turkey for the third time in a year. A Spanish party asks for the right to conduct abortions until the twelfth month, and -avoiding the problems that come with advanced age- a business looks for secretaries between 20 and 290 years old. And many, many, many more.