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About to say goodbye to XFS as well

Coincidentally with Madduck’s account, yesterday night, my institute lost power for about five hours. This by itself surprises me, as at home (only ~300m away) I stayed awake late, and didn’t notice this until I got to my office and my desktop had rebooted. Any damage? So far, only minor things - i.e. the Gaim buddy list… Nevertheless, it might be minor, but there is always something. And I don’t want to wait until massive fsckup happens. And, since I’m already using ext3 as it is more solid for my root partition, I think I will be switching back to it. Specially at my servers, where I still value more reliability over speed. /”>his assertions.


Gunnar 2006-08-15 07:15:56

Re: About to say goodbye to XFS as well

I’ve lost more data due to Reiser than to any other FS ever. And I’ve seen real terror stories. Ext3 has never failed me. Ext3 is my next filesystem for everything.