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FUSE vs. GnomeVFS?

Aigars: I agree with Womble’s comment in your blog. Maybe GnomeVFS is just way too much? Maybe it could be substituted by an on-demand FUSE-based mounter and unmounter? It seems to me it’d be saner to get all the relevant file manager GUIs (or plainly UIs, maybe even some overpowered shells) to be able to interpret an URL request as just a call to said script and a local filesystem operation? Mounting via FUSE in a protected, per-user area, and then just unmounting after a given inactivity timeout. Yes, I know GnomeVFS is able to do all that and more. But as it’s always the case with Gnome and me: I doubt most of the times you need all the “all that”. And probably there are saner ways to implement it than via yet-another-layer-for-yet-another-already-solved-thing.