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1st Debianmexico bug squishing party!

We had a very nice day of work, following Rodrigo’s BSP invitation to the debianmexico list. The day started at 10 AM, when Rodrigo and I arrived to Nul-unu. After a small time setting up some cables and some coffee, we sat down and started working our way through the BTS. Soon afterwards the rest of the crew arrived. We were seven people. We spent the day not only bug-squishing, but giving informal talks and one-to-one lectures on how Debian’s processes work, on how the BTS (and the BSPs) work. The bug list is not impressive, and they were not very difficult bugs to fix, but it’s a very good step towards establishing a working, strong Debian community in Mexico. We closed bugs #379589, #382715, #374663, #380872, #382399, #382322, #382096, #335765, #368745, #368207, #382039 and #381130. There is a document in preparation, as Ángel felt the need for a simple process documenting how to fix bugs, and there is even a video, that Toño promised to have ready soon, for some definition of soon. …Nice chat, nice company, entertaining Sunday. And nice way to wish a happy birthday to Debian, even if it is a couple of days in advance.