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It’s been two weeks I got my latest toy. And, lets be honest - I don’t buy me toys very often.

My very own espresso/capuccino maker! No, it’s not a pro-level machine, nor does it try to be. I’m a bit disappointed as the espresso comes out slowly and homogeneous, with no foamy layer on top - But hey, it tastes great. So far, I’m still a terribly lousy capuccino maker, but perfection comes with practice.
Now, what’s bad about this? First, that -although I’m a heavy coffee drinker, pouring at least 1 liter of regular filter-drip coffee down my throat every day- I very rarely drank coffee at home. Now I do. At least, two espressos every day - Well, two mugs of espresso, mind you - that’s like six or so proper espressos. Yes, I’m trying to cut down on the coffee I get at work.
Second, well… Having the rich taste of an espresso in your mouth every day makes you despise and loathe filter-drip coffee. It just does not taste right anymore. The delicious roasty after-taste does not stay in your mouth for at least twenty minutes. But here is where the addiction part comes into play: I still need it, and when my work area’s coffee machine is empty, I still go with my mug begging for coffee in other areas of the building.


Anonymous 2007-03-30 21:55:41

Re: Addicted!

I’ve had great luck with the Tassimo system. It uses prepackaged “pods”, and it can make expresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, teas, hot chocolate, or just hot water for arbitrary beverages.