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Got my Debconf tickets!

And, while on my way there, I’ll get to visit my family in New York (and get to know a bit of the city, I hope) for a couple of days as well! :D Leaving Mexico in June 7th, three days in NY, travel to Edinburgh on June 10th (arriving early on the 11th), and head back home on the 24th. Yay! BTW, attempting to save some money and the pollution caused by air travel, I asked Google for how to drive from New York to Edinburgh. It looks clear and easy, but in the end I settled for air travel. Specially for the estimated travel time (about 29 days 17 hours)… Oh, and item 23 slightly worries me: Swim across the Atlantic Ocean: 3,462 mi.


Jan Niehusmann 2007-03-31 00:20:36

Bad routing

That swim across the atlantic ocean would worry me as well, as obviously google uses a bad routing algorithm: It draws a straight line on the map, which seems to be in mercator projection. Which is, in fact, much longer than the shortest possible connection (even on the surface). If you project the suggested line on a globe, you’ll notice.

Kevin Mark 2007-04-25 13:00:05

Re: Got my Debconf tickets!

Hi Gunnar, please let us[0] know when you will be arriving here so that we can say hi!



nattie 2007-04-25 15:53:05

Re: Got my Debconf tickets!

Is the lovely Nadezhda coming as well? I think we have some random dancing in store for her :)