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Have a very, very nice day!

And no, I don’t mean Mao.
How was Thursday 23 for me?
6:30 Wake up, knowing it will be a long day. No, don’t get those delicious extra 15 minutes of sleep.
8:00</b> Arrive to work, ~90min earlier than usual, to finish the Rails app you have to demo at 10:00
10:00 Meeting with the Institute’s Director, Academic Secretary and Technic Secretary to show them the system for following the internal inter-tematic colloquium information workflow. Thankfully, they were happy with it.
11:20 (20 minutes after scheduled): As several academics have said they are interested in getting to know Linux, I’m giving a series of introductory sessions on Debian to them. So, I went with some of them through the Etch installation. Of course, mostly everything was fine. What was not? Resizing a Windows partition is still a step that requires several jumps through hoops (i.e. booting Debian LiveCDs, some console-based interactivity which I wanted to avoid…), and… Well, d-i does not time out if the selected mirror is not responding. Will file a bug, yes. Anyway…
14:30 Managed to leave the lab working, with no damages. Went to the bank to check some data and to have a quick lunch.
16:00 Get back to the institute. José Luis, from Difusión y extensión was already waiting for me to show a set of components for the Comas-based system we use for tracking attendance to the Institute’s activities
16:45 The people from AMECIDER arrived so I could show them my proposal for their new website. Can you believe most of the websites I host are still completely static HTML, and, what’s even worse, generated by the ${despiseful_adjective} Dreamweaver? Yes, I am proposing them to move over to Drupal
17:30 I finally received another person, one of the people that’s attending my Thursday lessons, wanting me to help with some Linux questions. What’s Linux’s killer app for my Institute’s researchers? Believe it or not, a not-brain-dead PDF reader. They are amazed that, using Gnome’s Evince, they can just copy-paste bits of PDFs into their documents (and the fact that pasting tabular data into OpenOffice’s Calc allows for an easy import feature - Yesterday I spent ~1hr with this researcher importing data generated by the International Monetary Fund into his work), and they are even more amazed with the gnome-screenshot they can directly include graphics from such documents without redrawing them.
19:45 (45 minutes behind schedule): Went to the Astronomy Research Institute, to meet with Sergio, Héctor and Eric, to decide on bits of the implementation of the new gear we will be putting in nisamox, our dear and faithful mirror. Thanks to everybody! We will soon tell you what we got and what we did with it, it’s mostly settled by now.
20:30 Had the first of some… Four calls regarding yet another system I have been working with for the ICME conference, to be held in Mexico in 2008. Several pushing details that need my attention and work, bah :-/ Have to work on them…
21:00 Got home. Did a couple housekeeping activities (i.e. take out the trash, buy some food…). I was too burnt out to start making my bags for going to Vienna (I’m leaving tonight!), work on the pending systems I have to work on, or even stay awake.
Leaving work for a week to go a conference is always fun and great… But man, it’s stressing!


garaged 2007-08-27 04:24:37

Re: Have a very, very nice day!

Well, I think I was a little scared when the 20:30 and 21:00 hours came, but you stop the story just in time !

Gunnar 2007-08-28 01:10:34

Re: Re: Have a very, very nice day!

well, yes and no - I was discussing this with the people that are steering the Debian LiveCD project. They currently have this marked as an open bug: In order to open gparted, you have to identify as root. And you cannot do it in their live CD without opening the console and either assigning a password to root (which comes blocked by default) or running straight sudo gparted, which works. Oh, and you have also to install ntfsprogs.

lanjoe9 2007-08-26 16:52:51

Re: Have a very, very nice day!

Hi Gunnar gparted ( ) can do partition resizing without getting to console, and it works reasonably well :) I think that’s what they use in the Ubuntu installer.

Just my $0.02

lanjoe9 2007-08-26 16:54:21

Re: Have a very, very nice day!

(¿y por qué te escribo en inglés?)

(…. y aún más, ¿por qué el captcha code dice “laimo”? ¿¿qué estás insinuando??? T_T )

Taur 2007-08-25 08:50:37

Re: Have a very, very nice day!

:S, estaba apunto de tomar unas cartas, aplaudir 3 veces, decer el nombre de la carta que sacaron, brindar por el nacimiento de un bebe, y creo que aquí me “multaban” por jugar fuera del turno… jejejejeje.

Saludos, y que tengas un lindo día también =)