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Click-through GPL sucks!

I completely agree with Adrian’s comment. I’ve recently installed a lab full of OpenOffice for Windows. Of course, the installation is easy (but you have to explicitly accept the GPL to get on with it - why?), but what’s really annoying is that the first time each and every user starts the program for the first time, they are also prompted for license agreement. Even worse, they are expected to fill out a quite lengthy survey (which I filled once, of course, but still is too much to ask for the vast majority of our users!). Free Software should be exempt from the stupid click-through nonsense!
Anyway… also echoing Adrian and Otavio: Robert Millan’s work on win32-loader just kicks ass. If you are not reading me through Planet Debian, please take a look at this ogg video file (Windows users: you can use VLC) showing what happens if you insert the (Sid) Debian installer CD into a Windows system. No more fiddling around trying to get the stupid machine to boot off your favorite media! Good job!


anonymous 2007-09-15 10:16:48

Re: Click-through GPL sucks!

The most amusing thing about this situation is that anyone who’s actually read the GPL knows that you don’t have to accept the license if you simply want to use the software. I think that GPL software with this click-through screen might actually be undistributable.

Robert 2007-10-01 12:28:20

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