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This blog has not seen activity for a full month

That does not mean I'm dead yet, of course - It just means I've been too tied up with real life. Yes, I do feel to be close-to-MIA in Debian as in most other projects I work in out of personal interest... It's that bureaucratic point in year where we have to get all of the paperwork sorted out in order to enjoy another year working in the University. And, of course, it's a huge PITA - but all in all, it's worth it.

That point by itself is not the only reason why I was drawn away from my usual posting, mind you - My blog was broken for some time because of a b0rken table in MySQL... And it has been at least three weeks since I noticed, but I only got around to fix it today. And, BTW, how come did I fixed it? Because I'm working on a migration tool. Migration? What? Why?

Back in 2004, when I started this blog, I chose JAWS as the software to run it on. It was started by a group of good friends of mine, and they keep developing it. It is a very nice piece of work... But I've had several problems with it (and yes, I have not bothered to submit bug reports - shame on me. Anyway, I think they are related to how I made some mistakes while upgrading), and I do miss some bits of functionality... So, yes, I'm migrating away to Drupal. After all, I'll be setting up several sub-sites at my real-life work with Drupal, so I'd better get familiar with it... And, of course, as migrating a three-year-old blog is not easy (and even less migrating four sites I have lying around), so today I've been working on a nice migration script covering the components I use (blog, comments and photos). I expect it to be ready for prime-time after one more session (which I don't know when will happen).

Anyway, Jaws guys: You do rock. Thanks a lot for all the fish!