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Sixth Ciclotón - Finally!

I just love my city.
Mexico City, chaotic, unknowable, imposible to understand, so huge, so varied, so broken, so feared, complex, unique… I think few people realize how easy it is to fall in love with this city, to drink its beauty, which leaps up always when you least expect it. Today, it was a good day for loving it. For one thing or another, I’ve missed the five previous ciclotones, which are held on the last Sunday of each month, 7:00 to 14:00. Today, finally, I made it.
What is it? It is a 32 Km route circling roughly around the mid-South and Center of Mexico City:

The weather is abnormally cold lately in Mexico City - We have reached temperatures around 5 Celsius in the last two weeks, which is agreeable for December/January, but certaiunly not for October. Anyway, today it was quite chilly from the early morning. I did this ciclotón on my own, as Gaby is out of town - I left home at around 11:30, and headed North towards the nearest point of the route, ~5Km north from here (Circuito Interior and Universidad). The chosen circuit is quite good and varied. And quite enjoyable, too.
And how did I fare? Well, not bad at all, I think… I did the ~37Km (32Km of the Ciclotón, plus the ~5 to get there - I came back by metro, as I was already too tired to be alert while driving in the traffic) in 2hr 13 minutes. According to my trusty Polar watch, I used 1831 Kcal (which is a bit less than what I eat per day), averaging at 138 heartbeats per minute.
Very enjoyable. This is one of the ideas that I most like that have been promoted by our local government: As Mexico City citizens, we need to claim back our streets. Also, we have to be responsible and think about different ways of moving around than by burning gasoline - Biking is fun, and it is not riskier than driving or walking. Try it!


Gunnar Wolf 2007-10-29 11:30:58

Re: Re: Sixth Ciclotón - Finally!

Los últimos domingos de cada mes. De hecho, todos los domingos hay actividad ciclista (les llaman “paseos dominicales”, si no me equivoco. La ruta del ciclotón varía un poco, pero a grandes rasgos es siempre igual. De hecho… cito de la Secretaría de Medio Ambiente:Domingo 4 de noviembre: Ruta en Paseo de la reforma y ruta en Delegación Iztacalco. Domingo 18 de noviembre: Ruta en Paseo de la Reforma y por definir paseo en Delegación Gustavo A.. Madero. Domingo 2 de diciembre: Ruta en Paseo de la Reforma y ruta en Delegación Xochimilco. Domingo 9 de diciembre: Ruta en Paseo de la Reforma y ruta en Delegación Xochimilco. Domingo 16de diciembre ruta en Paseo de la Reforma y ruta en Delegación Tlalpan. Domingo 23 de diciembre: ruta en Paseo de la Reforma y ruta en la Delegación Iztacalco.

leon 2007-10-29 09:48:26

Re: Sixth Ciclotón - Finally!

todos los ultimos sabados de mes? siempre es la misma ruta?