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Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

This could have just been a nice Summer morning, uneventful as they usually are, were it not for the fact that it was already 19:00, and it was mid-winter. (with due apologies, of course, to Bob Dylan and Les Luthiers)

Nadezhda called me, warning me about a very dark sky and strong winds, and went off for her meeting. I told her weather looked decent from mx office... But started paying attention. And yes, wind was crazed. Hints of an upcoming power outage were felt in the Institute. I left my office as soon as I could. Cycling back home was quite a challenge - The 3.1Km route back home, usually much easier than the way there as it's mostly downhill, was quite a challenge: Biking with eyes almost-closed because of the flying leaves and dust, and little but menacing raindrops... Scary, all in all.

Anyway, it gets scary... At least one person was killed because of the winds not far from here. This city has the fame that febrero loco y los vientos otro poco (February is crazy, but the winds are even more). And the first crazy wind of the season are always scary.

[update] One person dead because of the strong winds in Mexico City; Power outages in several areas; Three more hours of strong winds expected; Heavy winds caused by the #24 cold front(?); Winds cause mayhem on DF streets;


2008-01-24 05:14:55

Re: Don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

scary? I’m sure it was. but maybe tomorrow it will be just a nice memory, one of those that lets us say…. we are still alive.