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Yay, new gadget!

A week ago, I got my fourth cell phone so far. This is the first time, however, that I pay for it - even though the first one I had was a very nice smartphone for its time (basically, a not-really-well-integrated Palm Vx and a bulky phone very worthy back in its time. Anyway - Some months ago, I decided I wanted a Wifi-able phone, in order not to need to carry around my laptop for simple tasks such as checking my mail. Shortly after I started looking for phones which fit my needs, I found Nokia’s N95. The map-maniac in me found it had a GPS, and… Well, it just became matter of waiting until my phone company brought it to the Mexican market (as I paid about half its street-price… Y’know, points for customer loyalty, blah blah).
Anyway… I’ve been extensively playing with my new toy, and although I am still often frustrated by Symbian’s so very-very-propietary-minded OS and general culture (it’s amazing the number of for-a-fee very simple applications!), I’m very happy. So far, my favorite application (and, of course, the one that made me jump for it) is Nokia’s Sports Tracker. While it does have some issues (particularly the web application - at least its interaction with firefIceWeasel is somewhat buggy; it abuses AJAX interaction and some pieces of information are just not linkable, they lack a proper URL), I’m delighted at using it - tracking my theoretically daily excercise sessions, be they excercising per se or my bike rides to work, linking photos taken during those sessions, tagging them to the point and moment they were taken (although, I must admit, it is awkward to take photos while running - And next to impossible while biking, of course).
Yes, to many this is not so impressive… But it is really the toy I was looking for.


gwolf 2008-03-04 09:29:04

Gracias :-)

Sí, no soy pythonero, pero tengo Python (y un par de aplicaciones, claro) instaladas en mi cel. No he visto en general aplicaciones pythoneras maduras, tienden a ser bastante inestables… Pero claro, es bonito tener un entorno programable en el cel :)

Nodens 2008-03-04 06:36:14

algo adicional….

Aunque Victor me comento que no te gusta el lenguaje, se puede instalar phyton en los N95/N95 8Gb/N82/N78/N96 y asi aumentar la disponilidad de aplicaciones de estos “computadores multimedia” como los llama Nokia, hay una muy curiosa que usa phyton y el plug in del acelerometro, se llama shakeblock, bloqueas y desbloqueas el cel sacudiendolo en una u otra direccion