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Leo Masliah, here!

I have been waiting for next-Thursday for many years, and I just found out - by mere chance.

In 2001, Leo Masliah came to Mexico City and performed a couple of shows. I don’t remember the reason… But I missed it.

Who is Leo? An Uruguayan artist, living AFAIK in Argentina. Maybe he could be described as a humorous musician and writer… After all, I first met his music, and by far, it is what I know best. However, many (sad and simple) people would fail to see him as humorous, and would think he is just a sad, sick person with sick taste. About his writing? Well, I guess music is the first step, something like to get sickos like myself hooked. His writing is even sicker.

Anyway - Leo Masliah is one of my favorite artists. And he is coming to Mexico! This Thursday, April 9, in the Teatro Bar el Vicio, Coyoacán, 21:30, MX$250.

VERY MUCH worth it.


a. Anonymous 2009-04-08 11:35:00

south winds smells nice, but

south winds smells nice, but used to be quite crazy winds… enjoy it!

gwolf 2009-04-07 06:57:55

There must be something in common…

I don’t know Geroge Brassens (French is not my cup of tea), but the first time I heard his name was precisely in Leo’s voice, in the introduction of his (Spanish) version of Marinette.

Masliah is incredibly prolific. I have a sick amount of his music and have read two of his books… Still, he has produced over 40 records and has written more than I’ll ever get to have patience for :)

For further references, I found here what seems to be some downloadable Masliah files, incluing Marinette.

Ian T 2009-04-06 20:24:00

Leo Masliah

I have never heard of him, but by your description he must be interesting :) Is he perhaps somewhat similar to Georges Brassens ?