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map {$_->destroy} $home->windows; waitfor(NewWindows->arrive) && $home->build_windows;

I live in a 55 year old house. That’s not something to be worried about, of course, but it does mean that my house needs major maintenance works to continue to be in good shape.

This week, said major maintenance jobs began. We are in the process of replacing all of the windows - It might sound a bit scary by today standards… But if you have ever been here… Well, this house was built in a very different era, when the newly built University City lied several kilometers South of the city border and land was cheap here. Most houses in the area were built for University teachers (this particular house was for twenty years home to Marcos Moshinsky, Mexico’s most important Physicist who, coincidentially, passed away last week; Dr. Moshinsky was my father’s teacher and mentor).

Anyway, we just started the window teardown process. The workers are going quite faster than I expected. Still, I am worried about the waitfor(). As anybody who has come to this house will know, we live on a very busy avenue. Even 30 years ago, when my parents moved here, they installed double glasses on every window - But did some mistakes (i.e. we have some broken glasses which are unchangeable for practical purposes). This time we decided to buy from an established vendor for this kind of windows.

Double-glass windows are common in colder regions - But here, they are quite rare. Strange, being this a noisy city… So we researched a bit, and found a vendor with good quality - Multivi, in Puebla. What we didn’t count on… Is that they were so informal. We paid in late December and were told delivery would take around two months… And we are still waiting, this time pressing them for a commitment. After all, we are already lacking several windows, and… Well, around May we start having rains. We DEFINITIVELY don’t want to be stuck without windows by May!

Anyway… I recently sent out a semi-VAC anouncement to debian-private. And this is extensive to any project I am related to: The next days I will be paying more attention to whatever needs to be done at home. Please don’t expect prompt replies to mail from me (yes, as if I usually replied promptly…) I do have network access, but not much computer time.


alex_mayorga 2009-04-17 11:18:00

Do the sensible thing…

don’t install windows, install debian =P Are you coming for this year’s “now free” FLISOL in MTY? If so, would you be hitting our @kidsoncomputers colecta?

BTW your captcha don’t remembers I filed it when I did the preview. Why not use recaptcha instead?

Anonymous 2009-04-07 13:00:00

The subject of your post came

The subject of your post came through badly on aggregators like Planet Debian.

gwolf 2009-04-08 06:51:27


But… Better safe than sorry, I guess… Drupal (the engine I am using) encodes the entities in the title - But Planet Debian encodes them again, so «>» (correctly) becomes «>» the first time, and «>» the second time… Not really much I can do about this (but avoiding using non-alphanumeric characters as a title).

The post body does get properly escaped/unescaped, though, and usually that matters more.

gwolf 2009-04-18 11:36:50


I tried, but… Just think about «debían haber instalado mejores ventanas» and… No, no, I’ll stick to good ol’ glass windows instead :-P

About FLISOL: Sorry, no. Last year I went to Monterrey to give a talk at FLISOL, right, but I don’t feel very comfortable with the FLISOL (a massive install-fest) idea. I am against install-fests, as I think they provide no value to the Linux community as a whole but do create just the opposite they want: Bad impressions. It is not 1995 anymore, and installing Linux is something anybody with a bit of initiative can easily do. If you cannot and need to go to an installfest instead, then you will need somebody for tech support. And tech support for Linux is not yet easy to find in the wild. So most of those people will end up having to pay somebody to get rid of Linux and reinstall Windows… I hope to be mistaken, but that’s what I’ve seen regarding installfests. Attendees don’t have real motivation to change or to learn.

About the captcha: Well, this module is quite well integrated in the Drupal framework, and works fine. And, of course, it’s not like I have so many comments. So, just deal with it ;-)

gwolf 2009-04-29 06:34:11

De lo perdido, lo que aparezca

…At least, one less reason to be sad :-/

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer 2009-04-13 18:38:00

No puedo mas que…

…desearte éxitos con eso :-) Abrazo desde Argentina

toxickore 2009-04-28 14:18:00

Urban congress cancelled

By the way, the national congress of urban cycling was canceled upon further notice, maybe we’ll have a chance again :P