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Hearing arguments from the other side

Excuse me in advance for any typos. itting in a dark room and posting with a Kindle has its down sides.

I have been participating for about 1.5 years on a seminar about the copyright in the ediyorial ambit. This year, the focus is on digital media.

Today the first speaker is Dr. Kyoshi Tsuru, General Director of BSA Mexico. He is talking about the beauties and advantages of DRM and TPM. It was interesting to hear how he began by saying how people are afraid of nice, good, protective measures and call it with derogatoey, morally charged ways:Specifically about “self-utelage”measures. It is interesting t hear him in the role I often speak eg. by repeating that piracy is a derogatory,morally charged term for “making illegal copies”

Fun to hear how he defends that mainly academicians are disconnected from the real world…


marcelo 2011-06-23 06:01:06


Funny you should mention the mantra about academics… having had experience on both sides of that fence, I have to say that I have seen worse designs and worse code on the non academic side of things. The difference is actually elsewhere: the time constraints and the budget. In academia you have more time and less budget, you get to experiment and fix stuff, while on the private sector you are forced to meet deadlines or perish. It’s taken academics to see what’s wrong with that and propose solutions. Same stuff happens with copyright: the industry has different objectives than the creators. Since the industry has more money they get to push the rules,without realizing that those rules will ultimately harm them.