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Wow... IP lawyers are from another planet

Second speaker at today’sseminar,Vladimir Mojica. He is talking about th legal backing for DRM and TPM as well as laws against circumvention. He quotes USA’s DMCA as one of the most complete, advanced and forward-minded laws,inviting the audience to push for such a law here.

I hope he gets to my (written)question, as today is a very important day in this regard: The Senate has requested the presidency to reject signing the ACTA treaty! [Update] The Senate is sending Resolution agreeing to prompt the Federal Executive Power titular to instruct the State Secretaries and other dependencies involved in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement not to sign said agreement, as it would hinder free interchange of legal material. It also mentions the ISPs should not become de-facto authorities to define when an intellectual/intangible properties right violation is in course, and that it would be unacceptable for ISPs to monitor the users’ activities in the net, or to analize the content of the IP packets.

Very good news, in a document very well made, in a precise, legal and coherent(!) way.


Gernot Hassenpflug 2011-06-23 23:56:30

Not just follow but see how makes it….

Yes, interesting, sad, and not surprising. The Daily Bell at does a good job of exposing these elite memes, and the entire mechanism of the Western fiat money central banking and regulatory democracy sham. I’m so glad I found an affinity for freedom long ago even without knowing the reasons why Western life seemed somehow “uncomfortable” and had the feeling of a charade to it.

Matthew W.S. Bell 2011-06-22 18:50:16

A world in which he is

A world in which he is extremely well paid.

niq 2011-06-23 01:35:37

Follow the money

You shouldn’t be surprised. Lawyers owe their professional allegiance to those who have both the means and the will to pay Very Large Fees. That is to say, those who are both very rich and very unpleasant. A lawyer who sides with the little guy, or with Good Causes, or even with some nebulous concept of Justice, is a lawyer who has abandoned any career ambitions, and is unlikely to be found speaking anywhere very interesting.

vicm3 2011-06-23 07:59:52

Well lawyers are from another dimension, granted

From start they write on their own language and make it hard to anyone to understand in plain text. But I can remind you that there exist IP Lawyers on our side as well… think on EFF and FSF and closer on Palmis they are working on things that maybe are not that sound or give cookies and coffee but, are interesting and good to support like defectivebydesing, endpatents, and so on.