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Yet another flurry of invites‽

Umh, so Google created yet-another-beta-service with yet-another-invite-only stage. Whee! And this time they choose a name yet more stupid to their previous attempts (Wave, Buzz — now it’s simply Google+).

And yes, some of my friends have mailed me invites (or offered them to me by chat) so I can join the fun and love, and lose the few free time I still have.

Guys, I care about you. I even love you all! But no, I don’t care the least for so-called-social-network invites. I am quite a mess managing my time as it stands.

And I cannot reply this to you in person, as Google+ sends mails with a very helpful sender ( or variations of it), I have just added this to my .procmailrc:


What does this mean in human? That instead of manually ignoring your invitations and feeling bad about not answering to you, dear friends, I’ll leave that job to my computer. I will not receive any Google+ invites.

Just as I don’t receive Twitter and Facebook spam, FWIW.

Thanks for thinking about me!


DM 2011-07-01 10:53:00



gwolf 2011-07-01 13:32:34

Guilty as charged

Así soy, ¿y qué? ¡Aún así me aman!

tiago 2011-07-02 22:09:00


/me copying Gunnar’s procmail rule.

/me pasting Gunnar’s procmail rule.

/me happy.