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So you want to get our book?

OK, I already bragged that our book on Operating Systems is finally printed and has, thus, been formally published.

What I had not yet mentioned is how we planned its physical distribution. Yes, it is available for sale at some UNAM libraries… But coming to UNAM is sadly an option only for people who are in Mexico City.

I have been quite busy, and was unable to come up with anything earlier, but I have finally finished setting up a decent although minimal web page for the book. In it, I mention the possible ways you can get your own printed copy of Fundamentos de sistemas operativos:

Of course, the book is and will always be free for downloading, and its sources are online so you can easily derive from it as well.


(and please report me any bugs you see!)


David Marke 2015-10-04 23:59:26

would it make any difference

would it make any difference if i order it here or with amazon and something?

gwolf 2015-10-05 08:37:18

It’s already in major online libraries, yay!

I didn’t know had already made it available there — But yes, it’s part of what I requested.

So whatever suits you! The book is now also available at Amazon at US$22.40, at MX$359</a> (says it’s not in stock, but I hope it arrives soon</a>, or at Barnes and Noble at US$22.40.