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Busy with the worthy things...

My online activity, in most if not all of the projects I most care about, has dropped to a lifelong minimum. But that is not necessarily a bad thing — Yes, I want to be more involved again in everything. And yes, I am in a permanent crisis of lack of time (and/or sleep).

I didn’t even remember to blog about this on time… but never mind…

A little over a year after the single, most important moment I have lived, we are not only enjoying, but deeply understanding the true meaning of life.


Andy Cater 2016-03-20 06:55:03

You may be offline a lot but you’re doing just the right thing

Great pictures - glad to see everyone’s doing fine.

It’s a good thing when you can still keep two children - and toys in a big big bucket to keep an eye on them.

Give it another two years and you will have your hands full - give it another thirteen or fourteen years and you will have your wallet and bank account emptying fast :)

John Goerzen 2016-03-24 07:30:26

I understand the feelings of

I understand the feelings of a lot changing in life. What a joy to see these photos of your family. Keep enjoying them!

markuz 2016-03-28 06:16:19


I’m pretty happy for all of you. Enjoy!