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Batch of the Next Thing Co.'s C.H.I.P. computers on its way to DebConf!)

Hello world!

I’m very happy to inform that the Next Thing Co. has shipped us a pack of 50 C.H.I.P. computers to be given away at DebConf! What is the C.H.I.P.? As their tagline says, it’s the world’s first US$9 computer. Further details:

All in all, it’s a nice small ARM single-board computer; I won’t bore you on this mail with tons of specs; suffice to say they are probably the most open ARM system I’ve seen to date.

So, I agreed with Richard, our contact at the company, I would distribute the machines among the DebConf speakers interested in one. Of course, not every DebConf speaker wants to fiddle with an adorable tiny piece of beautiful engineering, so I’m sure I’ll have some spare computers to give out to other interested DebConf attendees. We are supposed to receive the C.H.I.P.s by Monday 4; if you want to track the package shipment, the DHL tracking number is 1209937606. Don’t DDoS them too hard!

So, please do mail me telling why do you want one, what your projects are with it. My conditions for this giveaway are:

To sign up for yours, please mail - I will capture mail sent to that alias ONLY.


Andy Cater 2016-06-30 01:53:09

CHIP computers - I absolutely agree

Both of mine arrived two days ago as a Kickstarter backer.

Works nicely: runs relatively stock Debian. FEL flashing requires Chromium browser and a permissions change but it works quite well.

Up to date Jessie: CHIP have customised the graphical environment a bit but it appears fine.

If you want to connect to the headers, you might need a link wire or two - the headers are sockets rather than pins as on he Raspberry Pi. A steel paper clip is recommended for flashing to connect FEL to ground