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Relax and breathe...

Time passes. I had left several (too many?) pending things to be done un the quiet weeks between the end of the lective semestre and the beginning of muy Summer trip to Winter. But Saturday gets closer every moment… And our long trip to the South begins.

Among many other things, I wanted to avance with some Debían stuff - both packaging and WRT keyring analysis. I want to contacto some people I left pending interactions with, but honestly, that will only come face to face un Capetown.

As to “real life”, I hace too many pending issues at work to even begin with; I hope to get some time at South África todo do some decent UNAM sysadmining. Also, I want to play the idea of using Git for my students’ workflow (handing in projects and assignments, at least)… This can be interesting to talk with the Debían colleagues about, actually.

As a Masters student, I’m making good advances, and will probably finish muy class work next semester, six months ahead of schedule, but muy thesis work so far has progressed way slower than what I’d like. I have at least a better defined topic and approach, so I’ll start the writing phase soon.

And the personal life? Family? I am more complete and happy than ever before. My life su completely different from two years ago. Yes, that was obvious. But it’s also the only thing I can come up with. Having twin babies (when will they make the transition from “babies” to “kids”? No idea… We will find out as it comes) is more than beautiful, more than great. Our life has changed in every possible aspect. And yes, I admire my loved Regina for all of the energy and love she puts on the babies… Life is asymetric, I am out for most of the day… Mommy is always there.

As I said, happier than ever before.


gwolf 2016-06-24 22:19:42

Git: Very true, but want to play a bit further

I agree with the points you mention… But I want to dig a bit more into it. Say, I’ll try to have all students use a single repository, or at least, use something akin to Github and send me pull requests for their assignments or something like that. But yes, I expect on grading the usage of the tool as well (something I will surely teach to begin with).

Anyway, as for a visit: After the trip, because before that… well, it’d have to be tomorrow morning ;-) (full disclosure, I already talked with Víctor, who could not come when I was available. It’s HIS fault! ;-) )

vicm3 2016-06-21 22:00:30


Made it mandatory for the project, made emphasys on commits and descriptive commits logs, do a presentation, or use one existing, I think need to upgrade my talk on control version to cover git and if all else fails, made it requirement for partial evaluations, as if it were partial essays, also if they commit comments and code, the final project gets easier, better documented and also got best practices on control version.

Which day can pay a visit to have a beer before your trip? ;) well better send tomorrow on IM. Slow down, be here now enjoy family.

vicm3 2016-06-25 11:21:23

Mea culpa

Anyway my week went from busy to it’s complicated, another time will be, I thinked (foolish of me) that had an almost empty week…

Had a good trip and greetings to all debianites on Debconf ;)