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Call to Mexicans: Open up your wifi #sismo

Hi friends,

~3hr ago, we just had a big earthquake, quite close to Mexico City. Fortunately, we are fine, as are (at least) most of our friends and family. Hopefully, all of them. But there are many (as in, tens) damaged or destroyed buildings; there have been over 50 deceased people, and numbers will surely rise until a good understanding of the event’s strength are evaluated.

Mainly in these early hours after the quake, many people need to get in touch with their families and friends. There is a little help we can all provide: Provide communication.

Open up your wireless network. Set it up unencrypted, for anybody to use.

Refrain from over-sharing graphical content — Your social network groups don’t need to see every video and every photo of the shaking moments and of broken buildings. Download of all those images takes up valuable time-space for the saturated cellular networks.

This advice might be slow to flow… The important moment to act is two or three hours ago, even now… But we are likely to have replicas; we are likely to have panic moments again. Do a little bit to help others in need!


Álvaro Herrera 2017-09-20 05:49:08

Glad to hear you’re

Glad to hear you’re well!


vicm3 2017-09-19 21:11:37

Celular network and hotsposts open

The major carriers have open their celular networks to calls and data 19 to 21, also telmex hotsposts are open to help.