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Want to set up a Tor node in Mexico? Hardware available

Hi friends,

Thanks to the work I have been carrying out with the “Derechos Digitales” NGO, I have received ten Raspberry Pi 3B computers, to help the growth of Tor nodes in Latin America.

The nodes can be intermediate (relays) or exit nodes. Most of us will only be able to connect relays, but if you have the possibility to set up an exit node, that’s better than good!

Both can be set up in any non-filtered Internet connection that gives a publicly reachable IP address. I have to note that, although we haven’t done a full ISP survey in Mexico (and it would be a very important thing to do — If you are interested in helping with that, please contact me!), I can tell you that connections via Telmex (be it via their home service, Infinitum, or their corporate brand, Uninet) are not good because the ISP filters most of the Tor Directory Authorities.

What do you need to do? Basically, mail me ( sending a copy to Ignacio (, the person working at this NGO who managed to send me said computers. Oh, of course - And you have to be (physically) in Mexico.

I have ten computers ready to give out to whoever wants some. I am willing and even interested in giving you the needed tech support to do this. Who says “me”?


Anonymous 2018-06-29 21:10:45


I’m in Guadalajara and my ISP is Axtel, how can I check if my internet is not filtered to be a tor node?

gwolf 2018-06-29 19:29:53


Yes, a dot-org. Sorry. Fixed it :-] Forgot to mention: You have to be in Mexico. Still interested? Hope so!

Siddharta Buda 2018-07-03 11:50:51

Me interesa, pero…

… honestamente sólo tengo acceso desde 3 ubicaciones distintas pero que son justamente de Telmex Infinitum; te mentiría si dijera que tengo Axtel o MegaCable, o algún otro. Sigo usando Debian en mi laptop y en 2 servidores caseros, y he usado y configurado Tor en 2 o 3 ocasiones. ¿Crees que de cualquier forma debería hacer el intento y solicitar vía correo?. Gracias, Gunnar.


Uri Stolar 2018-06-29 16:41:00


Hello, Mr. Wolf.

About to send the emails. Is the domain of ignacio@derechosdigitales a dot org?