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Back to the teaching business!

Sometimes, life is measured in semesters.

This is the 13th semester I teach. I can no longer feel a newbie. I am still just a part-time teacher, but I know it’s an activity I very much enjoy, and I hope I can at some point manage it to become full-time activity.

After three months of slumber (three weeks of which were the hard vacations, but then there’s the intersemestral active period), our university came back to life and full occupation.

Due to one fellow teacher taking a sabbatical, I have the largest group that I have been assigned. 40 students does not seem an easy task! Lets see how it comes…

Anyway… I am happy!


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Norbert 2019-01-30 23:54:58

Teaching is fun

Hi Gunnar, I know that feeling well! Having taught for many years until the university here got rid of all foreigners, I am now (starting with April) returning to a temp teaching - in addition one outside my core specs - so I know what you are talking about. But then, 40 students don’t seem like a lot ;-)

reg 2019-01-31 09:59:55

Y semestre tras semestre los

Y semestre tras semestre los alumnos te siguen eligiendo como uno de los profes mejor puntuado de la materia… te encanta dar clases, y ellos lo notan!