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Fresh, daily built Debian images for your Raspberries (finally!)

So, after I took over –or at least, said to take over– maintainership of the Raspberry Pi build images originally produced by Michael Stapelberg in mid-2018, I pushed very few updates. Yes, there was some good and visible work, migrated the image-spec repository from GitHub to Salsa, ironed out several outstanding issues, and –most important for me– managed to get an image built and running for all Raspberry models below the Raspberry Pi 4

Today, I am happy to announce a very good step in the right direction, so I am now…


I have registered and set up an (unofficial!) site,, that should serve as a go-grab-it destination for regularly autobuilt images for the Raspberry Pi family.

Of course, today you will get an early view of the site. I plan to fix the lack of https due to a mistake on my part WRT the processes at my hosting provider, do some testing in the hardware I have handy (and bless + gpg-sign some images as tested), migrate and update the information in the Debian Wiki, etc.

Oh! And I hope to get good news on the Raspberry 4 front, as I know work is actively underway to achieve it.