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Back home... Back to work?
I just got back from Chile. A very nice experience. I liked very much the enthusiasm and involvement of the people, the interest on joining Free Software projects, the actual work that is being done here… There were three days of talks, during which I spent most of the time, of course, talking with the attendees mostly about Debian - There is an incredible amount of interest for Debian in the country. Bruno is close to becoming Chile’s first DD, and I am sure many others will follow. I have about 8 people on my list for keysigning, I think...

After closing the conference, with Peter Salus and Horst von Brandt Attachments (0 KB)

EncuentroLinux, Chile
I left Mexico on Tuesday and arrived early on Wednesday to Chile for the Fifth Linux Encounter. The timezone difference (two hours, Chile is at UTC-3) is just enough to make me tired (waking up at my natural 4AM is not fun, and I done it two days in a row), but it is worth it. I met the organizers, and some minutes after me, Peter Salus arrived. We came together to Valparaíso (around 1hr away from Santiago), and soon after that started meeting the Chilean users. In the evening, tbm showed up. Besides Peter, Martin and I, the rest...

Of aging, dead and comatose machines
It is almost one month my dear laptop (and, now that I am in this stupid inter-jobs period, main workstation) died. In fact, its passing away was one of the main reasons I decided to start blogging - I needed to tell someone of my grief and pain, of how much it hurts to lose such a faithful partner… But well, I didn’t do it. Silly me, had I spent around US$300 on time, I would have bought Dell’s extended warranty - And I have never seen a service with such a high quality as Dell’s! Well, my friend Alexander...

Can someone have too much of South America?
I really doubt so. Every time I have been around there, I have had a great time, and I have felt most welcome… But anyway, isn’t this a bit too much? I have been down there for: May 26 - June 5: Debconf4 and FISL5 at Porto Alegre, Brazil August 9 - 23: National Free Software conference at Sucre, Bolivia. First Free Software Simposium , Arequipa, Perú September 24 - October 4: XXX Latin American Conference on Informatics, Arequipa, Perú October 19 - 25: 5th Linux Encounter, Valparaíso, Chile Besides this, I have been invited to be in Tacna (Perú)...

I am flattered!
Which OS are You? I have always been an AmigaOS fan… And now the infinite wisdom of Internet tells me it is not just causal. Comments Antonio Ognio 2004-10-17 16:31:06 RE: I am flattered! Hola Gunnar, que gusto verte con tu blog ;) Yo tambien estoy pensando al menos darle una buena mirada al Jaws.. justo después de conocerte a ti estuve conversando con el por irc. Y ahora te encontré en Planet Debian. Un abrazo, hombre. Muchos saludos. Antonio Ognio 2004-10-17 16:38:49 RE: I am flattered! Hola Gunnar, que gusto verte con tu blog ;) Yo tambien estoy pensando...

Cleanup day
This has been an interesting/productive Saturday. It started quite early, at about 8AM, some time after Nadezhda left for a course she is taking. I woke up decided to fix at least a simple bug in xosview. I adopted this package as it is a good excuse to get me to learn C++, on which I really suck. I am happy. This bug, although simple, was already over three years old, and I had seen it reported both in Debian and on the upstream Sourceforge site. And although xosview is not half as popular as it once was, DSL connections...

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