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Can someone have too much of South America?
I really doubt so. Every time I have been around there, I have had a great time, and I have felt most welcome… But anyway, isn’t this a bit too much? I have been down there for: May 26 - June 5: Debconf4 and FISL5 at Porto Alegre, Brazil August 9 - 23: National Free Software conference at Sucre, Bolivia. First Free Software Simposium , Arequipa, Perú September 24 - October 4: XXX Latin American Conference on Informatics, Arequipa, Perú October 19 - 25: 5th Linux Encounter, Valparaíso, Chile Besides this, I have been invited to be in Tacna (Perú)...

I am flattered!
Which OS are You? I have always been an AmigaOS fan… And now the infinite wisdom of Internet tells me it is not just causal. Comments Antonio Ognio 2004-10-17 16:31:06 RE: I am flattered! Hola Gunnar, que gusto verte con tu blog ;) Yo tambien estoy pensando al menos darle una buena mirada al Jaws.. justo después de conocerte a ti estuve conversando con el por irc. Y ahora te encontré en Planet Debian. Un abrazo, hombre. Muchos saludos. Antonio Ognio 2004-10-17 16:38:49 RE: I am flattered! Hola Gunnar, que gusto verte con tu blog ;) Yo tambien estoy pensando...

Cleanup day
This has been an interesting/productive Saturday. It started quite early, at about 8AM, some time after Nadezhda left for a course she is taking. I woke up decided to fix at least a simple bug in xosview. I adopted this package as it is a good excuse to get me to learn C++, on which I really suck. I am happy. This bug, although simple, was already over three years old, and I had seen it reported both in Debian and on the upstream Sourceforge site. And although xosview is not half as popular as it once was, DSL connections...

My whole country feels depressive
I have been feeling like this for quite some weeks already… I am (or should I say, should be?) involved in many projects. What should I be doing? Basically, what we Mexicans call talacha - simple but repetitive work. Which, for a person like me, becomes something tedious. For my previous workplace, UPN (where I am now hired part-time to maintain some systems I wrote and do simple ones), this means fixing some bugs for Historia del Presente’s site and finishing an attendance registration program for the Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas. My progress? Almost nothing, and very slow. I am...

Is it for real now?
use strict; print "Hello, world!\n"; Many times through my life I have tried to start blogging somehow - On different public servers, maintaining a plain-HTML dairy, or similar strategies… And every time I did it, I ended up leaving it behind. I have been playing for quite some time with the idea of starting up a blog - Why not? Anyway, I have my own (although very little) server, my friend ion wrote quite a nice blogging software, [friend]Nadezhda[/friend]’s birthday was coming and we are too broke to consider giving her anything costy (and she has repeatedly told me she...

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